Thebe Tourism Group


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Thebe Tourism Group (TTG), formerly a subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation, was originally formed in 2001. It is the oldest black-empowered South African tourism group and has a significant portfolio in tourism attractions, accommodation and experiences. Thebe is globally recognised and respected for creating, curating and celebrating the Africa’s iconic destinations.

The group is 46% black-owned, and the shareholders  –   Thebe Tourism Group management and Futuregrowth Asset Management – create a powerful partnership that will be instrumental in leading growth and transformation in the tourism industry.

Thebe set itself the goal of starting and acquiring tourism businesses that would operate in the different parts of the tourism value chain. Thebe also set about positioning itself as an organisation that understood South African and African heritage, with an unmatched ability to package aspects of this heritage into tangible tourism products for distribution to the domestic and international target markets.