Thebe Tourism Group



Thebe Tourism Group (TTG) is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation, one of South Africa’s leading investment with stakes in tourism, mining resources, infrastructure, renewable energy, petrochemicals, telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare. Formed in 2001, TTG is the oldest black-empowered South African tourism group and has a significant portfolio in tourism and related industries ranging from attractions, hospitality, inbound and outbound tourism, group travel, car rental and business tourism.


Thebe Tourism Group was a pioneer in the transformation of the tourism sector, and today it still plays a vital role in this evolution. The company’s goal was to drive black economic empowerment to redress the economic imbalances that exist in South African society. Through successes and failures with valuable lessons contributing to what the group has become today, TTG has positioned itself as a tourism business that understands South African and African heritage with an unmatched ability to package aspects of this heritage into tangible tourism products for distribution to the domestic and international tourism markets.


Thebe Tourism aims to be a trusted, world-class, African company that develops and invests in sustainable businesses for the long-term benefit of communities. We’re passionate about sharing Africa with the world and influenced strongly by our African heritage.